Seasonal assessments and regular maintenance will keep sports fields safe and fun

Spring is the best time to assess the condition of your fields and make sure they’re in great shape for the summer season. Is the terrain free of holes, depressions and sharp objects like broken glass? Are bleachers and goalposts in good condition and firmly anchored? Are parking lots and sidewalks smooth and free of large cracks and roots?

It isn’t just the fields that need maintenance. Your concession stands, washrooms, baseball diamonds, and tennis and basketball courts need regular inspections and care. Fences, backstops and dugouts need to be in good repair and not have exposed sharp edges, bolts or wires. Faucets, toilets, and doors need to be in working order and buildings need non-slip surfaces.

Instead of waiting for incidents to happen, have your sports fields inspected a few times a year. Make sure everything is safe and in good working order so the community is happy, protected, and enjoying every moment of playing outside.

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